Category: Front Brakes

  • Bleeding the Brake System

    Bleeding the Brake System

    Date: 26 Oct 2021 Issue Brake performance is poor. Car not stopping as expected. Brake pedal “spongy” or there is a lot or travel before brakes engage. Brake pedal needs to be pumped to obtain best brake performance. Brake fluid is DOT4 hydraulic oil (I think originally it was DOT3 but this is no longer…

  • Front Disc Brakes

    Front Disc Brakes

    Date: 26 Oct 2021 Issue Before starting to work on the brakes of any vehicle, decide whether you  are competent and confident enough to complete the work. Brakes are pretty important so you do not want to get this wrong. The early Cortina’s pre-62 had drum brakes all round. The later Cortina’s 63 onwards have…