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Mk1 Cortina Estate Note Book

Welcome to my Mk1 Cortina Estate note book. With only a few hundred of the estate version left globally this site is dedicated to maintaining these vehicles.

This site is all about the tasks and activities I have undertaken on my Mk1 Cortina Estate airflow models over many years.

Some of the content on this site might be usable when working on other Mk1 Cortina models including pre-airflow estates and saloons.

My Mk1 Cortina Estate


This site is not a complete ‘how to’ on everything Mk1 Cortina, that is a very large subject most of which is documented in the many manuals, and other sites, available online.

In this site I focus on issues and jobs that estate owners might face and specifically those that they may not find in the manuals and workbooks available.

Accessing content

You can browse data in multiple ways from the top of each page. Articles are all accessible using one of the following methods:

Technical menu and subsections to get categorised articles.

The Search text in the menu bar can be used to find articles by searching for key words or phrases

In general, each article is structured in sections: issue, diagnosis, repair and parts.

Where I can I have added some keynotes to identify and diagnose issues before starting work as an introduction to each section.

Questions and comments

If there is something you do not quite understand, post a comment on the article or, send me a message.

Alternatively, post a message on one the many Facebook group pages dedicated to Mk1 Cortina’s.

Gallery of pictures

I have assembled a small gallery of estate car pictures that I have gathered from the internet and by photographing cars on the road. If you want to share a picture please do contact me.

I hope you enjoy reading my note book.


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