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Article first created: 29 Jul 2014


None of the windows would wind up or down without some major effort. At best the drivers window would open 9cm.


The rubbers the glass side in have hardened over the years (in the good old days the runners were felt bound metal things, nowadays a felted rubber replacement is available).


For Each Door

Remove door internals as follows:

  • Remove window wider, door handle and armrest
  • Carefully lever door card from door
    • I use a flat blade screwdriver wrapped in tape
  • Carefully remove plastic moisture barrier
  • Wind the window up
  • Remove the window channel securing screw
  • Remove window glass lower stop
    • Unbolts
  • Lower the glass a bit and decouple the winder mechanism
  • Drop the glass (if it will come down)
    • If not pull out and cut the rubber from the channel inside the door.
    • Drop the window and strip the remaining rubber.
  • Now comes the fiddly bit:
    • If possible, get the glass out of the channels to put the new rubbers in before re-inserting the glass
    • If not, get ready for some cussing as you wiggle glass and rubber into place.

When rubber is in and glass can be lifted and dropped smoothly re-assemble door

Whilst you are in there, also consider replacing the weather strips.

– Reverse each step above to reassemble the door


  • The rear doors are harder than the fronts, I had to take out the door handle internal mechanism too to sort these out (even after a lot of cussing the near side read window is still a little stiff)
  • Lubricate glass runners with soap or Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or something innocuous
Figure: Drivers Door Partly Dismantled


Approximate prices from: 2 Jan 2023

R23Glass channel rubber moulding
Rubbers & Seals: R23 – Window glass channel seal 4-door and estate (
Club Spares£40.80
R28Glass weather strips
Rubbers & Seals: R28 – Window weatherstrips Set, 4-door and estate (
Club Spares£62.40
Parts List Table


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