Drivers Door Lock Barrel

Article first created: 29 Jul 2014


Drivers door lock can be opened by another key, screw driver or other flat bladed object.


Lock barrel is worn and needs replacement or repair.


Sometimes simply oiling the lock releases the pins and the lock becomes more effective. Often the lock is worn and needs replacement.

Method to remove

Inside door

  • Remove window winder and door handle
  • Remove armrest
  • Carefully pull door card clips out of door frame
    • I use a flat screwdriver wrapped in tape to minimize the chance of scratching anything
  • Wind window up
  • Locate the two crosshead screws that secure the handle to the door
    • one is inside the door cavity, the other is in the door jam
  • Remove door handle securing screws and carefully lift handle away from door

On your workbench

  • Put key in lock and move to open position
  • Carefully slacken the lock nut on the back of the handle
    • i.e the bit that was inside the door
  • Unscrew the bolt the whole way then carefully re-insert it half a turn
  • Gently push the barrel out of the door handle

Apply a light covering of grease to new barrel and push gently back into the handle.

Refit to the car (just reverse the steps above)

Figure: Drivers Door Handle With Lock


Approximate prices from: 2 Jan 2023

T14Door lock barrel & keys
Club spares
Parts List Table

Note: I must have been lucky in 2014 and purchased new old stock from the club. You will need to put a call out on the various forums to see if someone can help with a replacement.


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