Estate Boot Lock

Article first created: 23 April 2013


Estate boot lid handle and lock worn


Replace parts when found (new parts are not available)


I set out to change the barrel in the boot lid handle.

None of the plethora of manuals I have tell you how to do this so here are some notes:

Remove handle from the boot lid

  • Open boot lid (and keep it open from now on)
  • Using a plastic tool (or spoon handle wrapped in tape) carefully remove the inner boot lid hardboard trim panel by levering the plastic clips out.
  • Now, using snub nose pliers, some sort of circlip extractor or the proper tool if you have it undo the ring that secures the boot handle to the boot lid.
  • Carefully lift out the complete boot handle assembly

Note: don’t close boot lid until handle refitted or you’ll have to clamber around in car to release the boot lid to refit the handle.

Remove lock barrel

On your workbench:

  • Retreat to workbench with a cup of tea and spray a load of WD40 over the grungy grease and get rid of it otherwise you cannot see the wood for the trees
  • Using a small round nail drive out the split pin that holds the square shank in place (this needs removing to get the rest of the gubbins out in the next steps)

Note: it took me 30 years to find this ****** pin on my handle – it can be difficult to spot.

Figure: Removing The Pin That Holds The Barrel In
  • Very carefully remove the C-clip, I secured the handle casing in a vice and eased it out of its retaining channel using a pair of screwdrivers
  • Lift out a washer, a spring and another washer
  • Now lift off the outer casing
  • Apply more WD40 to clean up the handle shaft to reveal the lock barrel retaining pin (this took me ages to find – 25 years to be precise)
  • Using you small nail drive out the retaining pin
  • Now using the key carefully ‘pull’ the lock barrel out and keep a note of its position)
  • Prime the new lock barrel with a bit of grease and re-assemble by reversing these steps
  • Replace the handle in the boot lid taking care not to damage the paintwork.
Figure: Exploded Handle And Lock Barrel

Note: handle maybe worn by now and even with a new lock may still show some signs of slack. I don’t know how to fix this problem.


Lock barrel and keyFind somewhere
Parts List Table


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