Battery on standard cars

Date: 19 Sep 2018


The original bolt top 037 batteries are no longer available from regular distributors. Type 037 batteries have square pin, bolt on terminals.

After a few years (usually 10 years or so) batteries no longer hold their charge and become a liability.


Quite simple really, car either struggles to start or fails to start.

Various ‘witch doctor’ battery testers are available. A discharge tester, for example, usually kills and already dying battery, save your money and just buy a new battery.


Conversion to the 038 round pillar battery is really simple. 

Purchase from eBay a pair of Ford battery convertors.

To replace battery:

  • Unbolt the earth terminal and disconnect
  • Unbolt the live terminal and disconnect
  • Release the battery clamp (1/2 inch AF if original)
  • Lift out the old battery
  • Insert the new battery
  • Replace the clamp and tighten
  • Lightly smear each post with battery grease
  • Reconnect the live terminal using an adaptor
  • Reconnect the earth terminal using an adaptor
  • Smear grease lightly over the new clamps and bolts to prevent future corrosion

Type 037/4 bolt post battery

Figure: Original Bolt Posrt Type 037 Battery

Type MF038 round post battery

Figure: New Round Post Type 038 Battery

Battery shelf to battery clamp

Tighten the bolt 9/16 AF to clamp new battery securely to battery shelf.

Figure: Battery Clamp to Battery Shelf In Engine Bay

New battery installed

Figure: Type 038 Battery Installed With Terminal Adaptors

Parts List


Approximate prices from: 19 Sep 2018

Type 038Battery
type 038 battery for sale
local battery shop or eBay£45 to £80
Numax SAP537272Numax SAP537272 Genuine Ford Square Round Battery Adaptor Terminal ConvertorseBay£17.50
Parts List Table


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