Gear Selection for Automatic Gearbox

Date: 26 Oct 2021


The automatic gearbox is a BW35 unit – matched to many low power engines of the period (the later BW65 was a much smoother box when coupled with a Rover V8 – in a Rover of course)

The BW35 has 4 speeds:

  • 3 x forward
  • 1 x reverse

The column selector for my auto-box wore out its bushes.

There are two key bushes to check (both visible from under the bonnet):

  1. Top link joint – should have a rubber bush between link coming through bulk head and the vertical drop link
  2. Lower link joint – should have a rubber bush between link and gearbox selector mechanism (this bush wore out and fell out of my car).


A worn joint shows up with play in the selector or difficulty selecting park.

(a quick check, if you can roll the car with a push when in park mode then something is wrong, also car is unlikely to start as it is still in reverse gear of drive).

Open the bonnet and look for play in the linkage from the column selector to the gearbox lever. It is likely something has worn out.


To repair is easier said than done (I could not find a matching part anywhere on the internet – including eBay). In the end my local mechanic / classic car repairer made a new fibre bush on his lathe for a modest cost. He has now retired which is dull.


Approximate prices from: n/a

Fibre washer locally made
Parts List Table


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