Rear Suspension and Dampers

Date: 26 Oct 2021


This article is focussed on the standard estate car rear suspension and does not apply to modified vehicles.

The rear suspension on most Mk1 Cortina’s is not dissimilar from that of a horse drawn carriage.

The modern addition of a damper does take some of the bounce out of the system but that’s about all it does.


If you car is ‘dragging’ its bottom along the ground then it is likely the leaf springs are past their best. They do wear out. A good way to check is park your car on a level surface and check it is sitting level too. Look at the gap between sill and ground at each end on both sides. If the car is tilting rearward then suspect your leaf springs are due for renewal.



There are two leaf springs (one on each side of the rear of the car)

Leaf spring -50mm wide. 1180mm along the bow, 6 leaf spring (assuming thick leaf at bottom is part of the spring)

I do not recommend replacing only one spring – this would result in the car having a ‘wonky’ stance.

Spring bushes

Each leaf spring is attached to the frame of the car with 2 bushes. One bush is fix-mounted, the other floats to allow for spring to move and absorb bumps when the car is in motion.

ST56 – Rear spring large bush – will come as part of new leaf springs

ST55R – Rear spring small bush set Rubber – ordered

Axle attachment

The rear axle is bolted to each spring using 2 U-bolts and a clamping plate

ST57 – U-Bolt kit – per side x 2

Clamp plates are simply a piece of metal that the u-bolts pass through – best not to lose them as not sure if these are easy to replace – Remanufacture would be relatively simple but more expensive than not losing them in the first place.


Approximate prices from: 2 Jan 2023

Leaf springs – tailor made (see below) x 2£350 ‘ish
ST56Steering & Suspension: ST56 – Rear spring large bush ( x 2 (£18.60 each)Club Spares£33.60
ST55RSteering & Suspension: ST55R – Rear spring small bush set Rubber (
Club Spares£22.68
ST57Steering & Suspension: ST57 – U-Bolt kit per side ( x 2 (£8.96 each)Club Spares£17.92
Parts List Table

Spring Suppliers

Jones Springs 0121 568 7575 – I sent a spring to these guys and they made two springs and sent them back. If I remember correctly they cost about £350 with the postage.


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