Wiper blades and motor

Date: sometime in 2016

The mechanism that drives the wiper blades and motor is fitted under the dashboard with the stubs protruding through the bodywork for blade connections.

The wiper motor is switched on from the dashboard. The unit is powered by 12v and is a single speed motor.

The motor has three connections:

  • Connection to body
  • Live from switch
  • Live from battery

The ignition triggered feed starts the wipers. The permanent power is the parking mechanism to bring the wipers to their parking position.


Issues vary and may include the following:

  • Wipers might work but be ineffective
  • Wipers might not work at all
  • Wipers may not park as expected


Common issues include:

  • Wipers not working – check wiring, mechanism and motor
  • Wipers not parking – check permanent live
  • Wipers work but screen not clear – check external arms and blades


Wipers not working

Check the following:

  • Switched power to motor
  • Motor connection to body
  • Mechanism has not corroded/rusted solid
  • Motor itself – disconnect mechanism and see if it runs

Wipers not parking

Check the following:

  • Permanent power to the motor
  • Motor unit parking switch – requires dismantling of the motor unit itself

Wipers work but screen not clear

Check the following:

  • Thoroughly clean and degrease windscreen
  • Replace wiper blade rubbers and replace if hard, perished or damaged
  • Replace wiper blade arm and body if springs weak or ineffective


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